Luddon, on the southeastern shore of the island and former Rho’vann province of Brixtonnia, is the capitol of the kingdom of Brixton, and one of the largest cities in the world.

The city sits on two hills bracketing the estuary of the river Ames. It is a relatively large seaport, and is one of the largest cities in the known world.

Since the Brixtons were never completely subjugated nor dependent on the Rho’vann Legions, the city has not fallen into the anarchy and decay that other imperial cities have suffered.

The city itself is ancient; for as long as any sentient species can remember, there has been a settlement of one sort or another overlooking the Ames. This abundance of ancient ruins and relics has drawn scholars from all over the Imperial world, and Luddon was one of the first cities outside the Imperial capitols to have a Cartographer’s Chapter House.

The Brixton nobility are not superstitious or overly pious; as a result, any and all unaligned or good-aligned religions are allowed to flourish in the city. Evil aligned religions and cults, while technically illegal, go largely ignored as long as they keep low and do not pester or harm the citizenry.

Moreover, since Luddon has become a major commercial center, every civilized race is allowed in the city, as long as the King’s Peace is kept.

In summary, Luddon is a major commercial and cultural center; just about anything can be found there, and just about anything can happen there, as well.


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