Cambrian Vale

The Cambrian Vale is a wide valley on the eastern fringes of the old Rho’Vann Empire. It was settled, though sparsely, by Brixtons displaced during the Rho’vann occupation. After several hundred years, the Cambrians forgot their relationship to other Brixtons, and, while most believe in the King in an abstract way (several landmarks and roads are named after him) the region has not seen a tax man or a representative of the crown in well over 100 years. If the Raven King knows about the vale, he has chosen to ignore it.

The two most prominent industries are farming and mining, though some lumber is shipped downriver as well. In general, the people are stubborn and mistrustful at first, but they warm up to travelers who prove their worth. Living without support of a king or a nation has made the residents extremely self-reliant, and they are not unused to setbacks.

The Vale is bound on the southwest by the Lesser Sea, on the north and northwest by the Greymist Mountains, on the southeast by the Ghostlight Fens, and on the west by the Ashwall Mountains. The Greymists are dotted with mines and cloud pepper farms, and on the northwest corner of the Vale, the pass known as the Blood Gate protects the region from the marauding barbarian tribes to the north. These tribes occasionally sweep down the Cambria through the gap between the Ashwall and the Greymists, but that has not happened in generations.

Much of the eastern region of the Vale is covered in a vast forest known as the Ashwood, though recently it has grown dark and dangerous, and newer maps are labeling it the Lathwood.

There are several small villages throughout the vale, including Bloddon at the base of Blood Gate, Ironhold in the Greymist Mountains, and Ashton at the base of the Dead Passes, but the most prominent town is the city of Agleburg, built along a series of falls in the Cambria river. It is from Agleburg that the nominal lord of the vale, Lord Natael, rules. His primary duties, in addition to keeping the peace of the vale, are to manage the militia when it is mustered, settle disputes, and set a watch on the walls and gates of Agleburg.

The relative emptiness of the vale has drawn in “lower creatures” from all around. There are several tribes of kobolds, goblins, gnolls, and hobgoblins throughout the vale and the surrounding hills, and the miners have found themselves in the occasional boundary dispute with dwarves.

While the vale is sparsely populated now, ruins dot the valley, indicating that this was not always the case. Abandoned keeps show that the Rho’vann had once fortified the region, and temples to unknown gods are found in isolated clearings and hidden caverns.

The Cartographer’s Guild has recently sent at least two expeditions to the area with the mission to discover what they can about the human settlements, but, more importantly, to uncover any knowledge they can about the ruins and their former occupants.

Cambrian Vale

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