The Pro

Some call him The Professor, others call him The Professional. No one knows which he prefers. The Fey have erased his name from the annals, a fate worse than non-existance, he has been banished for eternity.


Fresh out of his Cartographer’s Guild Novitiate, The Pro has become quite proficient with the new technology of black powder weapons. Pro does not know where he picked up his thirst for knowledge and the latest advancements in technology; however, he knows he is doing Ioun’s work seeking out and preserving knowledge.

During “Field Work”, The Pro wears the Mark of Sin, a Death’s Head mask with no apparent magical qualities. The Mark is the sign of The Pro’s banishment from his Feywild home. The Elders did not approve of The Pro’s time spent out of the Feywild. His thirst for worldly knowledge lead to this ultimate punishment. He has been stripped of his real name and only the most elder of his kind, along with The Pro, will remember it. Only other Eladrin and very few Elves would recognize the Mark for what it truly is.

The Pro tends to rely on his brace of dueling pistols and his agility during combat. Although he still carries the longsword that is commonplace among his kind, he rarely uses it, as it is a painful reminder of his past. For longer ranged engagements, the Guild has outfitted The Pro with a long rifle capable of hitting head sized targets from great distance.

When not exercising his skills in “Field Work”, Pro tends to be relatively calm and friendly individual. However, when crossed The Pro stops at nothing to ensure the downfall of his enemies.

The Pro

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