Verin Mathwin

Scatterbrained wizard of the Island Tower of Agleburg


Not much is known about Verin. She wandered into the Keep one day asking about the Towers of Agleburg. After a brief meeting with Lord Natael’s father thirty years ago, she took up residency in the Island Tower and has lived there ever since.

She seems to spend most of her time only paying half a mind to her surroundings, and conversations with her tend to lead to tangents. However, several people have noticed that she picks up on far more than she would seem to, and a few people around Agleburg have noticed her frequent absences. She has been spotted all over the Vale, usually near an ancient ruin or place of power, but no one knows quite what she’s doing.

When she’s at home, she is always willing to talk magic, philosophy, or history with whoever chooses to visit her, and she has been known to lend a hand around town with various simple tasks. Most assume that she’s a wizard with mysterious studies and there’s not much more to her than that.

Verin Mathwin

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