Lord Natael

Lord of Agleburg and environs


Level 5 Warlord


Justin Natael is lord of Agleburg and environs. He is a quiet man with a dry sense of humor and a strong sense of justice. He makes it a point to communicate with his people and respond to their needs, and they love and respect him for it.

At 33 he is relatively young for a lord of Agleburg, but his long reign has been relatively peaceful. His childhood was divided between scholarly lessons from the librarians at the Cartographer’s Chapterhouse, martial lessons from the guardsmen, and tactical lessons from his father and his generals.

In his 23d year, an army came across the range of hills to the north and began laying waste to the Vale. In the last major battle of the war, Natael’s father was slain by an enemy mage, and Natael took command of the army to lead it in a overwhelming victory. The momentum from that battle allowed the residents of the Vale to completely destroy the northern forces.

Since then the Cambrian Vale has known relative peace, but in recent years troubles have been springing up, and Lord Natael’s guards are feeling spread a little thin to combat all the threats to civilized life in the Vale.

Lord Natael rules Agleburg and the region around it with justice and fairness. He is well loved by the populace, and frequently appears at festivals and feastdays. He legitimately views himself as the guardian of the people in the Vale, and is very receptive and accommodating to their suggestions.

Because his guardsmen are so hard pressed to maintain the roads and the town watch, he has very few left to send out into the wilds to root out bandits, investigate shady dealings, or exterminate pests such as the kobolds.

He is a good man who believes in justice and equality, though he understands that sometimes the rules have to be bent in order to achieve these ideals.

Lord Natael

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