Cartographer's Guild

A Visit to Lord Natael (4/18)

After arriving at the Guild Library in Agleburg, the group split up: Helga went to find ale, Letha went into town on unexplained business, Relic visited the library, and, by all appearances, Sarvantis went to bed.

When Relic awoke the next morning, he discovered that none of his companions had returned, and upon further investigation, found that Sarvantis had “disappeared.” It was implied that if Relic were to continue that line of inquiry he would meet a similar fate.

With nothing better to do, Relic set out to investigate the Dusk Tower, but on the way he was stopped by the city watch, who offered him an invitation to speak to Lord Natael. He was shown directly in to the Lord, who was receiving Arrion Corr, an emissary of the Kalashtar. He informed the gentlemen that they all seemed to share a common problem, a web of deceit and treachery with only one exposed thread: a smuggling ring using the sewers as a base.

Natael provided Relic and Arrion with access badges to pass through the wards protecting the keep from incursion through the sewers, and the two new companions set out into the dank underworld of the Agleburg Sewers.

After a difficult battle with some Goblin scouts, Arrion and Relic recruited a goblin warrior, Splug, to their side, and he agreed to show them to the smugglers’ base of operations. He warned them of a guard drake employed at the entrance, a warning that the two investigators would learn was not to be taken lightly.

Relic and Arrion fought their way through the goblin base to their chief, who was being advised by a bandit from the assassin’s guild, and, after some brief troubles with a pit, held the field.

Now they rest, but two passages lead from the chamber, and neither knows the dangers lurking beyond them…



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